2018 taicang science and technology quality system certification activities

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The company began to implement the new version of 16949 quality system management certification in 2017: the new version of quality management system, from the establishment of quality policies and objectives, to compile and organize the implementation of the quality system. In departments in the company quality system with the help of the guidance of the office, and in the company leadership attaches great importance to and full participation, after learning, practice and improvement, on January 18, 2018 officially outside the teacher's careful audit work, in the review, the teachers spoke highly of the company's quality system work, to me, at the same time also confirmed that the company quality management system suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

In order to continuously improve and consolidate the company's quality management system, we have mainly done the following work in the past year:

A. Summarize experience and make continuous improvement

Conscientiously summarize the experience and lessons in the implementation of quality management system in the past few years, and implement and improve it for internal audit, external audit and management review. The organization supplemented and modified the quality manual and procedure files to make them match and coordinate with each other. The working process, process method and quality assurance ability of the quality management system should be incorporated into the documents in combination with the actual production of the company, so as to win people's hearts, guide practices and make continuous improvement.

2. We will deepen quality management and make progress in all aspects of management

In order to improve the quality, reduce the cost, reduce the loss and achieve the goal of increasing production and adding value, we must strengthen the program, standardization and scientific management. The quality of products has been guaranteed, and good results have been achieved in 2017. Internal control loss, cost reduction is in depth.

3. Strengthen the division of responsibilities and implement target management

In order to adapt to the rapid development of the company, the organizational structure and responsibilities of relevant departments have been adjusted and stipulated to meet the requirements of the quality management system, so as to ensure the normal operation of production and operation. At the end of 2017, the company formulated the overall quality objectives for 2018. Major departments decomposed the overall objectives of the company, proposed the quality and work objectives for the department in the 18th year, and organized specific measures to implement them to deepen the management of objectives. At present, the main objectives have been basically completed, the company's 18 quality target is appropriate.

Four. Put people first and strengthen training

The core competitiveness of the talent enterprise, the company's quality policy: people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, green quality, sincere service, fully reflects the importance of talent. In order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, the company has introduced a number of excellent management talents in the past 18 years, and actively organized and conducted internal management training, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the quality of the staff, basic management and production efficiency, and achieved good results.

Integrity, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising. To the management of efficiency, along with the new quality standards to carry out work, every year will be more progress and development. We face the fierce market competition, hard many objective and subjective effort gap, deepen the management there are a lot of work to be carried out, but we have the confidence to grasped the nettle and find out the gap, analysis the reason, take measures, continuous improvement, strive to 2018, the company can have a greater development, to achieve the company's policy.

The following is the welcome meeting of the external audit teacher of quality system.


External audit teacher: Yang jie (1st left), external audit teacher: Chen dongliang (2nd left)



All participants







External audit teachers visit our company site atlas.


This quality system certification activity is officially carried out under the active promotion of all employees of the company.

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